Types of Systems

Large, mission-critical, and user-intensive, these applications run your business. IdeaDev has experience in creating these systems, integrating them into your overall architecture, and meeting the needs of multiple groups of users within the system. Our applications are designed to be high-availability, employing clusters and multiple datacenters, with user access via PC, laptop, handheld, phone, as well as offline options. We have implemented extremely complex processes, with the ability to both forecast and tweak. All of our major systems include full auditing and archiving, so that the system state can be determined at any point in the past, and any transaction's history can be tracked through its lifespan. Over just the last 3 years, IdeaDev-designed systems have handled hundreds of thousands of users, and millions of business decisions.

Not every application gets top billing, but are every bit as important to the bottom line. Limited to a department or organization within the company, they are only used by a comparatively small number of people but may affect every single employee in the company. IdeaDev has extensive experience with the complex process and logic that goes into these projects, including developing flexible rules-based data processing, complete auditing, and extensive reporting.

The transactions that consumers make may seem radically different in form and volume compared to a corporate system, but the same basics apply to the back end. Auditing, speed, accuracy and process all play major roles, as well as integration to external supply chain partners, accounting and payment processing systems. Tied together with design and UI engineering, IdeaDev is able to offer an approach that meets the top-down needs of both established firms and start-ups.

To meet a specific need in a dynamic environment, sometimes a system is created to do a single job, do it well, and then fade into the background. By having a deep working knowledge of your own requirements and systems, IdeaDev can help with these 'have to get done' projects.

Service Types

In any organization, managers need a way to prove concepts, win approval, and gain mind-share for their projects. In the consumer realm, owners need to focus their efforts and gain feedback from potential users. IdeaDev addresses both these concerns by providing an extensive capability to rough out a complete system in a short amount of time. Fully-functioning models, ready to pilot, are invaluable tools in the process of gaining signoff, or approval, to continue with full-scale development.

Working along with your existing development team, or working as a full development firm, IdeaDev will help you bring you vision, your prototype, into full production.

Documentation and Support
Documenting the technical aspects is a given job of the developer, but IdeaDev is also available to create user manuals, assist in training procedures, and provide extensive online help. IdeaDev has also created help-support systems that route the request through the right combination of personnel to solve the issue, and will participate in user support if needed.

UI, Look and Feel
We have been designing technology to be simple and straightforward; excessive flash, content and hoopla cloud the purpose, message and usability of a site. The process must be clear, the display logical, and help readily available. Many of our projects have been UI-only, with IdeaDev engineering the best presentation of a process for an already-existing system. We also offer plain design services, including logo and materials design, print layout, and the other services required to completely cover the spectrum of user experience.


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