About IdeaDev

The Idea Development Corporation specializes in planning, rapid prototyping, implementation, and ongoing support of large-scale e-commerce, process and enterprise software systems. Founded in 1999, 'IdeaDev' has maintained relationships with several Fortune 100 companies as well as enjoyed central roles in the establishment of new brands and services.


While our project management style follows traditional development-cycle, we are unique in that we also emphasize marketing and user adoption as critical components of a successful project. In our experience, this is just as meaningful to an intranet process application as it is to a consumer e-commerce system.


In addition, all of our systems are designed for growth, no matter how narrowly-scoped they are. Often a small project garners attention and need to be production quality far faster that was originally planned; other established systems need to adapt to meet a new business need quickly. This flexibility sets us apart from many firms that spend the same amount of time hard-coding a system to be inflexible and useless in a rapid-growth environment.

This philosophy has allowed us to apply best practices to a broad range of projects, because the ideas that make any project successful aren't limited to one market or type of system.

The Bottom Line

Our systems have served millions of users worldwide and enabled their owners to realize not only an extremely significant return on their investment, but to realize new processes, savings, and enhancements as quick as the business could plan them.

The Founder

IdeaDev was founded in 1999 by Frank Sikernitsky, who has been actively designing and programming and managing Web projects since 1992. He was previously best known for his appearance as lead in a 1996 cover story in News and World Report's as one of the world's five top 'Wired Whiz Kids', for his involvement with Trinity College's Trincoll Journal, which is considered by many to be the first regularly-published periodical on the Web.

Believing that a successful project has to be managed by somebody who understands both the business and the technology, Mr. Sikernitsky still programs, but also manages enterprise projects and consults to a variety of clients in the banking, pharmaceutical and insurance spaces.

Not content to stand still, in 2006, he's again breaking new ground with the wildly successful HeresDinner.com, a unique internet-based food delivery system.




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